All around us are flowers and plants. Nature is our life!


Its perfect harmony offers us serenity, intense colors and heady fragrances. That is why I am now introducing myself, my passion has become my work - promoting, publicizing and give maximum visibility to your flowers and your plants. My long experience in this sector has allowed me to gain considerable expertise in the marketing and communication issues in a field that is highly specific and increasingly calls for dedicated professionals.

I am able to offer clients a tailor-made service to increase the value of their product through targeted, diversified and carefully designed activities. My in-depth knowledge of the Italian market and its evolution is a further advantage when identifying precisely how and when to act to achieve specific objectives.

I offer integrated communication projects – from the identification of the product to its presentation to the target market, through the creation of advertising material and the promotion of events, translations (English - Italian plus accurate interpreting services).

My aim is to make Italy a welcoming country for your business, one where you can increase your market share while overcoming all language barriers effortlessly.



With best regards Livia Manzutto!